03 May 2011

Weekly Goals - May 3, 2011

I've been a chatty one this week on the blog, but unfortunately, it short-changed my time for writing stories.

Results for this week:

1. Developed 1100 words on the plot outline.
2. Not started.

And now the goals for this coming week:

1. Develop 1000 words of plot outline for Resurrection

Submission status for the week:


The Cure --
15 queries submitted
6 form rejections
1 no-response rejection
8 still under consideration

Short stories:
"Double Trouble" (since March 28)
"Generations" (rejected, need to re-submit)
"Some Assembly Required" (since April 23)


  1. Yeah, we all have up and down weeks. Working on plot outline is not bad. I got close to hitting my 10 page a week goal last week, but then I decided to scrap the story and start something different. At least I only had six pages of it written!

  2. Yup, six pages would be good to stop with...I have way too many manuscripts on my hard drive where I've gone about 6-7 chapters, and then decided, "Meh." :-\


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