05 January 2011


Well, not sure how I ended up on the list of nominees, but I'm proud to announce my nomination for Champagne Books' 2010 Author of the Year. It sure would look nice next to my 2008 Best-Selling Book of the Year award for Heroes Die Young, but seeing the other nominees in the pack, I'm not counting on it.



  1. Thanks! I'll need all I can get...

  2. You nave more than that in the "love you" line :)

  3. you can include me in that list :)

  4. Good luck! And how do you win? (In other words, is there a way for us to vote?

  5. It would help if I signed in through the dashboard, so I could see when I have comments awaiting moderation. ;-)

    Eileen, unfortunately, I don't think there's a vote involved in this one, but thanks for trying. :-)


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