28 September 2010

Weekly Goals - September 28, 2010

I tend to have this issue, shortly after achieving a massive goal, of completely sinking into a hole. This time was no different...

Results for this week:

1. Not even started...though I did finish up four plots this week.
2. Submitted "Double Trouble" as well as "Entrapment" (the latter being a reprint)

And now the goals for this coming week:

1. 1500 words on a new short story

Submission status for the week:

Short stories:
"Deadly Decisions" (Need to submit)
"Double Trouble" (Submitted September 25)
"Entrapment" (Reprinted - Submitted September 23)


  1. Well, good luck. I know how it is to sink into a hole like that. I didn't do much better myself. :( Hope this week goes better for us both!

  2. Wasn't sure things were going to, but have started working on another new short story and have really gotten into it.

    I tend to have this happen every time I "finish hard" on a project. Nano 2008 (where I got the beginnings of THE CURE done) was the same way. I don't think I wrote anything for the entire month of December that year. :-(


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