16 March 2010

Weekly Goals - March 16, 2010

Again fell a little short on the weekly goals...bummer.

Results for this week:

1. Around 1300 words completed on Death Brings the Victory
2. Began editing, but not completed

And now the goals for this coming week:

1. Generate 1500 words on Death Brings the Victory
2. Edit "Deadly Decisions" and submit

Submission status for the week:

Short stories:
"Some Assembly Required" (need to re-submit)
"Collateral" (since March 6)
"Conventional Wisdom" (since January 10)
"Deadly Decisions" (need to re-submit)

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  1. Well, 1300 is way better than nothing! I managed to hit my ten page goal last week, and this week is going good so far.

  2. 1300 is also better than I had last week, but I'm still attempting to get the output up to where I can finish this first draft sometime in the first half of the year. ;-)

    Now, it's off to get this story edited and submitted...

  3. I admire your persistence and wish I could report the same accomplishment. Hooray for you!!

  4. Alas, some days I wonder if any of this is really worth it. Had I the ability to go back in time and tell past self all the troubles and tribulations writers must face in this business, I'm not sure whether I'd say to find a different path or not.


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