26 February 2010

My Latest Interview (and Giveaway)

Stop on by today at Moonlight, Lace and Mayhem where I've given a blog interview. Make sure to go leave a comment, which will get you entered for one of two free copies of FRIENDS IN DEED which I'll be giving away. I'm headed off to work at the moment, but will be back to answer questions and respond to comments later today.



  1. Great interview. I laughed. My husband and I were married on Valentines Day, not because we are hopeless romantics, but because we were college students and it was a three-day weekend. It's a fun day for an anniversary, though.

  2. We were planning to get married on Jan. 1, but decided to postpone it a week so that everyone could make the date. Thankfully, our engagement was only about 4 months or so...less time to let the stress build.

  3. Congratulations, winner! ;-)

    It's posted over there...

  4. Thanks! I sent my address. Now I'd better get to bed.


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