02 January 2010

The Time Has Come!

The long wait is over, and my much-anticipated second novel in the Aston West series, Friends in Deed, is now available from the fine folks at Champagne Books. Enjoy! I know I am... :)

And for those who haven't heard about Friends in Deed (what rock have you been hiding under? :D )...

Aston West was condemned to life on the prison planet Lycus IV for spitting in a man's face. Being forced to reside with the likes of murderers and thieves, he owes his freedom to Lars and Elijah Cassus, who orchestrated an escape. Now the twin brothers call in the favor and force him to return with their team to Lycus IV to rescue crewmate Leah Jordan.

Aston discovers Leah's desire to leave the twins forever, but Lars and Elijah use fear and intimidation to control their group and no one leaves alive. It's a case of kill or be killed and Aston will need to become more like the brothers than he ever wanted.

And if you want to find out more, check out this excerpt.

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