14 July 2009

Weekly Goals - July 14, 2009

Almost thought about not posting these results until tomorrow, but then figured I'd better do it while I'm thinking about it, before I have another repeat of last week... :-)

Not quite hitting the mark, despite having some very decent writing days. Just couldn't start them before the weekend... :-\

Results for this week:

1. Just under 15,000 words on Seeker

And now the goals for this coming week:

1. Reach 25,000 words on "Seeker"

Submission status for the week:

Short stories:
"Some Assembly Required" (since May 18)
"Collateral" (need to re-submit)
"Entrapment" (since May 30)
"Trust" (since May 30)
"Deadly Decisions" (need to re-submit)
"A Thankful Heart" (since June 26)

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