23 June 2009

Weekly Goals - June 23, 2009

Lots of good news this week, but also completed all of my goals from last week. Looking to step things up a bit this coming one.

Results for this week:

1. Just over 4600 words edited on The Cure

And now the goals for this coming week:

1. Edit 3000 words on The Cure
2. Complete first draft of new short story, "The Seeker"
3. Complete edits on "Profit and Loss" for an interested magazine

Submission status for the week:

Short stories:
"Some Assembly Required" (since May 18)
"Collateral" (need to re-submit)
"Entrapment" (since May 30)
"Profit and Loss" (ACCEPTED, with requested changes)
"Trust" (since May 30)
"Deadly Decisions" (need to re-submit)

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  1. Hey Aston,
    I see you've joined my evil minions. Welcome aboard matey.
    I was JUST thinking about you. Tomorrow's post has a reference to space pirates.
    And I wrote it day before yesterday.
    Thanks for adding me to your blog roll. come in,uncloak and say hi....but wear undies...it's a pg13 blog...well, most of the time.
    Karen :)

  2. Wish I would have been here for that yesterday...unfortunately, the wife and I decided to take a little mini-vacation on my week off work.

    But I'm going to come over and pop in for a comment today. Don't worry, other than a few strategic wear-through holes, my underwear is fine... :-)

  3. good to know.
    Guys tend to keep that stuff way way too long...sometimes the favorite pair just has to get "lost" in the wash.

    Thanks for coming in today.

    and since you're married? Not going to pursue the "strategic wear through holes" but I say...yeah for your wife. :)

  4. Oh, I tend to toss them out if they get too bad, both in underwear and socks...but I'm a cheap bastard, and don't like to spend money unless I really really really have to. :-)


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