22 February 2009

ConDFW - Day Three

Well, finally made it home after a 6-hour drive from Dallas. I imagine if I wasn't such a cheap bastard, we would have stayed another night at the hotel. But all's well that ends well.

Although sales didn't build on yesterday as I'd hoped, there were a few folks who stopped by and picked up a copy. Overall, it seemed like this last day of the con was rather empty in terms of visitors. Had I realized this ahead of time, I would have brought out my laptop and finished up the remainder of my short story "Collateral" which has been nagging at me for the entire weekend.

That said, I thoroughly enjoyed my time there and hope to return next year. I may try to make a stop at another Dallas con this year, though I think I'm probably going to set my eye on some closer ones in Kansas City (ConQuest) or Oklahoma City (Conestoga). I'll also be trying to get into a writer's conference (as a writer, not a dealer) sometime this year, if finances allow.

So, good night and good writing!

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