29 September 2008

Playing Tag!

Joyce Scarbrough tagged me in the Meme Game, so here are the rules, my answers, and the next six people who get to take on the challenge.

The rules:

If you’ve been tagged with the Meme Game from Twitter, you must post 6 things no one knows about you on your BLOG. Then you have to tag 6 more people. (Don’t forget to let them know they’ve been tagged.) Leave me a comment letting me know you’ve accepted the tag.

My answers:

1. I have webbed skin between the second and third largest toe on either foot.

2. My first kiss didn't happen until I was in college.

3. I have a severe weakness for blackjack.

4. I am anal-retentive about saving money (which coincidentally doesn't go well with #3).

Tag, You're It:

Laurel Johnson -- LAUREL JOHNSON BLOGS -- http://laureljohnsonblogs.blogspot.com/
Dawno -- NVNC ID VIDES, NVNC NE VIDES -- http://dawnonowyouseeit.blogspot.com/
Nancy Mehl -- NANCY'S NOTES -- http://nancymehl.blogspot.com/
Alphabeter -- GAFFS OF TRUTH -- http://alphabeter.blogspot.com/

Sorry, those are all the ones I can think of who actually still maintain their blogs...so to make up for it, I only posted 4 items about myself.

But in my defense, I didn't get this tag from Twitter. :-)


  1. I have responded to your tag, Aston!

  2. I will respond to your tag, but don't know any people to tag except you and Nancy.

  3. I was the same way...I don't think I know more than four people who are still on their blogs...

  4. Thanks for playing, Flyboy!

    And I hope you at least refrain from combining your weakness for Vladirian liquor and blackjack!

  5. At least most of the time... ;-)


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