22 July 2008

Weekly Goals - July 22, 2008

Been a rather successful week...and as you can see, I'm in full swing on promotional items for Heroes Die Young. The book comes out in September, so the next 6 weeks are going to be a busy time.

Results for this week:

1. Completed (just tonight)
2. Completed
3. Completed
4. Submitted queries to three agents for Heroes Laugh Last [added]
[Already received one request for partial and one rejection, waiting on the third response]
5. Completed sell sheet and press release for Heroes Die Young [added]
6. Submitted partial to agent for Heroes Laugh Last [added]
7. Developed bookmarks for Heroes Die Young [added]

And now the goals for the coming week:

1. Develop business cards for Heroes Die Young
2. Develop giveaway button designs for Heroes Die Young
3. Develop t-shirt designs for Heroes Die Young
4. Review first three chapters of Death Brings the Victory
5. Submit queries to three more agents for Heroes Laugh Last

Submission status for the week:

Short stories:
"Entrapment" (since April 25)
"Redemption" (since June 14)
"Obedience" (Rejected, re-submitted July 17, ACCEPTED July 21)
"Greed" (since May 15)


  1. Good luck with your agent hunt and the novella.

    Oh, and bookmarks ROCK!!! I know, I'm sad. :)

  2. I need more bookmarks, actually...they used to sell them for a quarter at the store, and now I can never find them.


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