15 June 2008


I finally received a rejection for my short story "Redemption" after a three-month wait. I'm attempting to decipher the rejection.
Good story but not great. Read all the way through. There's a Fine line between classic, Golden Age SF and predictable writing. This one straddled the fence, so have to pass.
I'm assuming that the writing was "predictable" but without more feedback, I have no idea how.

But I try to take this all in stride. Ray Gun Revival rejected my first story with feedback. I worked their concerns into my next piece and the publication of "Little White Truths" was the result. So, hopefully this particular magazine will be a future home for Aston and his stories. At least they read the whole thing...

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  1. I admire how you persist at seeking your goals. Rob Sawyer took a long long time to reach the status he has now in SFF but look at him now. I hope that some day soon the editors and publishers who reject you now are twisting in the wind, just like the ones who rejected Sawyer.
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