10 May 2008

Maybe I'm a Sociopath

Mother's Day is in a few hours...my mother has been deceased for over 15 years now, and Mother's Day doesn't much faze me anymore. I guess a normal person is supposed to be sad, upset, and depressed.

I'd like to think it's because I have faith in an afterlife, and believe I'll see my mother again one day. But then, maybe I really am just a sociopath.


  1. Are u? a sociopath? I find lack of empathy, a general apathy about others and a realization that you put up a good face around others that drops as soon as you are alone to be a good indication. or did you just make that statement for attention? Maybe I'M a sociopath

  2. Maybe...Not. Like any functional eco system there are predators and prey. Too many predators and everyone goes hungry. There have always been far more sheep than wolves, fiddlers to the ghost crabs...whatever analogy suits you.


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