04 March 2008

Weekly Goals - March 4, 2008

This past week was a little better, even though there were some personal issues (including an excursion to our local emergency room, which could be a post in itself). When I woke up this morning, I was feeling a bit down because I'd barely done anything toward my weekly goals (even taking into account my ER trip). But tonight, I sat down and cranked out nearly 2500 words and finished a first draft. So, hopefully things can get back on track soon, or at least I hope I can springboard off tonight's success and maybe get a third first draft completed.

They say a person should always try to get the monkey off their back...but I'd rather say a person needs to get a big-mother-of-a-stone out of their kidney. That's the trick.

The results for this week:

1. Completed the first draft of "Twisted Fate"
2. Completed about 100 words on "Fate's Revenge"

And now the goals for this week:

1. Complete the first draft of "Fate's Revenge" (in one night? We'll see)
2. Revise two chapters of Friends in Deed

Submission status for the week:

Short stories:
"Genesis" (still looking for another outlet...anyone know of any Christian-based sci-fi mags?)
"Entrapment" (since February 10)
"Redemption" (rejected, re-submitted February 29)
"No Good Deed" (waiting to hear when the story comes out in Ray Gun Revival)
"Ever Dark" (rejected, looking for another reprint outlet)

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