12 February 2008

Weekly Goals - February 12, 2008

Another week where I didn't hit all of my weekly goals. It's been a dismal month so far.

The results:

1. Completed approximately 2000 words, but first draft still unfinished.
2. Not even started.
3. Completed a revision of 1 more chapter (of a goal of 2) of Friends in Deed.

[On the plus side, I think the Friends in Deed revisions so far are really making it a much better story]

And now the goals for this week:

1. Complete the first draft for my new short story, "Double Trouble"
2. Complete one chapter of Death Brings the Victory
3. Complete revisions on 1 more chapter of Friends in Deed

Submission status for the week:

Submitted short stories:
"Genesis" (since December 26)
"Entrapment" (rejected, then resubmitted February 10)
"Redemption" (rejected, then resubmitted February 10)
"No Good Deed" (since January 29)

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