28 July 2007

Addendum to a Shitty Day

Had a meeting with our case worker yesterday, to get answers to the multitude of questions we had.

Turns out the decision to remove the children had been made the previous Friday, when she had come out to talk with us. It also turns out they are TAUGHT to mislead families when children are going to be removed (direct admission from our case worker).

And is it any wonder why there's always a shortage of foster families?


  1. ..woulda been better had they given you the help and support that you wanted/requested, instead of just ripping the rug out from under you - when children have difficulties it can take time to see the difference, but miracles can happen when people care enough to try...

  2. Aston,

    I am so sorry this happened to you. You deserve better. Having worked around the foster care system, I can tell you that it isn't perfect. The worst part is that the children suffer the most.

    Although foster parents with broken hearts come in a close second...


  3. If you had been abusive creeps -- the sort who get reported time and time again and the system does not investigate -- you'd still have the kids. I'm sad to hear how things went for you.


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