05 March 2007

And then again...

Maybe not.

I attempted to submit my manuscript to the First Chapters contest. I debated it for quite a while, and then figured I would take a chance.

I then received a rejection today in my e-mail, citing the fact that my submission did not meet the word count guidelines.

Oh well...

I did question them (just for grins and giggles) about whether it was due to the full submission or the three sample chapters. The former had no stated absolutes about word counts (though the standard "completed book length manuscripts" probably would be enough, since those who know me realize I'm not big on fluff in my writing). The latter had a 2K - 10K limit, and is probably the bigger reason for the rejection, since the first chapter (being a teaser chapter) comes in under the 2K limit.

So, my guess, either way, is that I'll be *verboten* from the First Chapters competition...I'm all broken up about that, as you can probably tell.

So, on to the majors, which was my original plan before I talked myself out of it in the first place.

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