22 April 2006

Fat, Drunk and Stupid is No Way to...

Okay, I can't speak for the first two in this case, but (as long as I'm quoting it correctly) I do love that line.

[Hopefully I'm not violating any copyright laws by posting it]

So, I imagine that many have already been clued in to the latest young author who decided to take upon herself to self-publish a piece of Star Wars fanfic.

[Note: I imagine it's only a matter of time before Amazon figures out that they really don't want to bend over for the lawyers of George Lucas and take down the page.]

[Additional Note: Not having read the book, I can only go by one of the comments that the poor author apparently confuses Star Wars and Star Trek icons. Poor thing.]

So, aside from the blatant violation of copyright (which the author has reportedly blown off because the book was only for distribution to friends and family [Hello, genius! Amazon.com????]), there's a bigger issue at hand.


No, I've never (as far as I recall while sober) written fanfic, but it's everywhere online. Who knows, there may even be Aston West fanfic out there somewhere. But, for the most part, it goes unpunished because people write it for themselves (and other fanfic writers, I presume). This author had the audacity to try and sell it (near 300 pages for $20...still cheaper than a PublishAmerica offering).

Now, the question I have is simple: What would have happened in this case if the author had simply offered the piece up as a free e-book? Perhaps via her website (which has since been taken down, presumably by the Lucas juggernaut)? Perhaps via Lulu?

Considering the amount of fanfic out there, I don't imagine most of it gets much attention for its blatant copyright violation. So, what is the magic "go" point at which the lawyers began to play the Jaws theme song (uh oh, copyright violation in progress)?


  1. Hi Aston,
    I shouldn't be showing my ignorance like this, but I haven't heard of fanfic. Maybe you need to add a blog explaining more about it. Yes I saw the fanfic link, but would rather hear my favorite space age hero tell about it.

  2. Fanfic is short for "fan fiction" (much like blog being short for "web log").

    Basically, a writer will take characters and places from existing movies, TV shows, novels which they're fans of and create a story based on the same. Generally, it's just meant for fun, to share with other fanfic writers, to improve your writing, and display your talent (or lack thereof).

    Perhaps I should add a new blog entry for all of those Aston West fanfic writers to post their wares here on the blog...that might be fun.

  3. It's plagiarism and copyright infringemnet.

  4. I'm working on an Aston West fanfic right now!

  5. Fortunately, I've never written fanfic of my own...

    That being said, I notice that Amazon still has the page up, but lists the book as currently unavailable. How silly...

    I think I may have to post that request for AW (Aston West, to avoid confusion) fanfic next week...

    Matt, I'm hoping it's not going to be too much of a porn scene between Juniper and myself...


  6. Hmmmm. I want to write a fanfic about my favorite TV show. Right now my favorites, currently tied, are Boston Legal and CSI-Las Vegas. Now, which character to choose. :)

  7. I'm still waiting for that Aston West fanfic to show up...maybe a new post is needed...


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